Addition to the tax exile

April 3, 2013

Or how to track down fraudsters effectively ...

A tool has existed for some time now has been updated by its author, Orandin. It is a tool to mayors so they can more easily and quickly analyze the list of unpaid taxes included in the game's analysis indicates that the total amount each person liable must, and it is possible determine which are the fraudsters (who do not pay several times in a row), indicating a threshold of recurrence (February to June unpaid). Thank you to Orandin for its creation!

Happy New Year 2013!

January 8, 2013

Or 1461 depending on your frame of reference ...

So now, Happy New Year, good health and all ...

Like every year, here's a little recap of what happened in the Grotto

  • 665,056 unique visitors
  • 2,156,180 page views (about 45% of world maps RR, 20% for the Grotto, 15% for the Encyclopedia of RR and the rest to various pages set favorites)

You supported me a lot for all this (30 € Paypal donations, € 22 for donation Allopass downloads cards plus some other euro pubs but they remain insignificant), so that I paid that a twenty euros for the domain name and hosting. A big thank you! You make me want to continue my momentum with your visits and support! :)

Well ... This is less than in 2011 (-15% and -30% of visitors page views, 20 articles - 2 times less than in 2011) but these are just numbers.

And then I got a little lax in terms of productivity, although I'm glad that I provide you this year:

  • Update Encyclopedia RR (1 Year update caught late)
  • Updating the map of RR (and that was a big project for a hundred hours to say the least ...)
  • Update certain pages of the Office of Spotty (the rest in 2013)
  • Premises and the creation of a personal game ... (but I will not say more for now, the coding is very partial, the concept is gaining momentum but requires a lot of thinking ...)

Sailboat voilou ... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Need help ...

December 8, 2012

Or how to look for alpha testers and ideas ...

On 11 November 2012 I started to develop a set of multiplayer role turn in real time on the Internet browser. Yes ... Even not ashamed!

The story takes place on colonies based on distant planets in the relatively distant future, where the player is a character to survive in an environment that was bequeathed by ... Well, I will not say anything. Anyway the background is not yet fully established in my head. But you already know that this is a science fiction universe and it is not to make a big army very quickly and then try to kill his opponent.

At present, several things are already coded:

  • Registration module, activation account, login
  • Forum (ultra basic yet since only the alpha-part test is made)
  • Main character (basic ultra too)
  • General infrastructure (buildings of the colony productions)
  • Interface (except graphics because it's not my cup of tea, at least not for what I want to do)
  • Messaging (I'm particularly happy)
  • Options leaders of each building
  • File passage of the Tour (well ... there is almost nothing yet of course)

Of course, many ideas are still at the stage theory, and lots of things already encoded certainly deserve adjustments, and most likely the script security is not yet assured. Similarly, graphic aspect biding his time. But it inches.

As my call for help? In fact, my computer skills language being what they are, that is to say, the result of six years of personal research by himself in order to achieve all that I have done for gaming De Gloria Regni, I am not able to do everything. And what I did can obviously be riddled with errors and abominations for a computer professional. That is why I am looking for volunteers (I do not force anyone) volunteers (I can not pay anyone and I do not want to make this game fee) willing to help me in my task of creating gaming. As you can see, my expectations are different:

  • Securing SQL queries and database
  • Securing restricted views
  • Code optimization and architecture
  • Development of graphics
  • System development game
  • Continuous testing rules and security

Obviously (at least to me) that I can not tolerate registration number yet, much less registrations only attracted curious to see what happens: one thing at a time, the opening to the public will come relatively quickly. I seek only motivated and skilled volunteers, so those of you who are interested are invited to contact me by e-mail telling me anything that could help me so that I select. I can not give you anything against by more than a huge gratitude and the promise of reward you by naming you (if you wish) on a special page. It will not take me either superhuman reactivity: I have a life next ... However, I myself am motivated to continue my project, so if you feel like you're welcome! :)

Photos of the IRL 8 years Celsius

November 28, 2012

Or how to prove that De Gloria Regnisiens are crazy ...

Here is a glimpse of pictures IRL 8 years Celsius.

A new dressing cabin

November 28, 2012

Or how about spending hours of shopping ...

Thank you to the Brotherhood of Stone for making me discover this new dressing room of El sito Libertius comes largely compete with those I already knew and which I gave you news regularly ( Dufric & Jak0lantash ). Libertius includes that of all the clothes and all the accessories of the game, and even outfits, and various tools useful for a fitting. Not to mention various links to sites related to games De Gloria Regni. Well done!

The Brotherhood of Caillou strikes again!

November 20, 2012

Or talk to those we never talk ...

Maybe you do not know yet the Brotherhood of Caillou (and yet I've already mentioned !). You miss something. Except that it informs us each week (or almost, but it is not their fault, it's just that the computer sometimes we reserve surprises) giving us the birth statistics (registrations of new players ) on three DGR games, sometimes it lays us pretty little strange articles. The first proposed innovations about clothes. And the second , dated today, we talk about those players who have an account for several years but have never passed their character to level 1. Yes you heard right, at level 1. Supported by responses from stakeholders on why and how beautifully illustrated, this article is a must read for any emergency!

And since that's how I put a link to the Brotherhood of Caillou on the Grotto.

NB: If your character has stones but do not know what to do, contact Minlawa from me!

Culture, War and Territories

November 6, 2012

Or how to dramatically improve the foreknowledge of humanity RR ...

That is, the Kingdom of Dufric just spent two significant steps. The Kingdom of sink did, the Kingdom of the Dufric also recently: it is now possible to know what are the armies present in each city, but also to know that the status quo is held in each of these cities. Well ... I do débattrai the legitimacy or not to use such an option huh, I'm just inform me.

And another thing that did not sink but Dufric did: it is also possible to know what books are available in all universities of RR as well as contact their presidents. A huge step forward in the world of students.

Ah yes, once again, I want to mention that I am the creator of any of these two sites. Sink was created by a player whose character was Ylaibo (gone for a long time) and the Kingdom of Dufric is managed by a player whose personage is called ... Dufric. I say this only because some still believe that it's me and ask me to add stuff ...

Encyclopedia RR - Updated

October 24, 2012

Or how to catch a year late ...

It's been a few days that it's done now, but I like to keep you informed by all means I have. So now, since the month of October 2011 I have not added or changed in my Encyclopedia everything that has been added or changed in the rules of Renaissance Kingdoms . I can not tell you the details here, if you want to see what has been added or modified, there is a list here .

Otherwise, you may have noticed that the Kingdom of Dufric is down for several days. Do not worry it will come, it just had some problems with his host, Free, who did not appreciate how Dufric use the hosting service. They know how you appreciate their freedom.

Finally, for a week I'm updating the Office Spotty , first I changed the graphics and presentation, and then I added a large number of choices that were not possible before. You can already get an idea on the pages of maraicher, the corn farmer and blacksmith, operating in this update will be extended to all pages (other pages of course remain available even if they have not yet been updated).

The Brotherhood of Stone

October 8, 2012

Or how to find a use for all the stones that unearths ...

How to explain what the Brotherhood of Caillou ? I do not know yet ... You see! For now it seems to me promising, and in any case very nicely!

Kingdom of Dufric - Page Religion

October 8, 2012

Or how to know what is the cure multiple appointments ...

The Kingdom of sink being abandoned for 4 years, you are aware that the player character Dufric took over (it started in 2006) with the Kingdom of Dufric . The difference in potential of two sites has completely faded with the arrival of the Religion page yesterday, the only missing compared to the Kingdom of sink. Know the division of the provinces, archdioceses and dioceses know who holds what position anywhere, the dream of every spy nameless ...